Friday, August 1, 2014

July 28, 2014

Oh my gosh.  I had 23 emails to read and was just fawning over Jake's emails and pictures so I don't have much time to write.  I can't believe my little baby brother is an Elder right now!  I almost cried when I saw his photos.

Last P-Day our zone had a Just Dance competition.  Presidente Soares has let us use Just Dance on P-Days.  I definitely got a work out.  Almost all of the songs were in English and I actually found out that some of the traditional songs we were dancing to have really inappropriate lyrics or at least the implications are inappropriate.  Of course all of the Brasileiros couldn't understand the lyrics so they just continued dancing really excitedly.

Our miracle investigator, R., had his baptismal interview this week.  We were so excited for him, but in the end [our district leader] told us that R. couldn't be baptized this week.

R. is an amazing man and we are going to help him stay strong.  He came to church yesterday ready to learn more about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ after we told him two days ago his situation.  He is an amazing example to me of strong faith and patience.

This week Sister J. Silva and I did some "Contatos de Fogo" - a contact in which we invite someone to be baptized on the street.  We marked on baptism (set a baptism date target) using this method.  It was amazing.  Gabriel is the cousin of a pastor of the church "Assembleia de Deus" but was touched when we explained to him the correct way to be baptized (in the same manner that Christ was baptized).  We still haven't gone to visit him yet and are a bit hesitant seeing that he lives with the pastor, but hey, maybe we can convert the pastor as well and all of his congregation will follow his example and be baptized.

Love ya’ll!

Sister Dyer

Q: I noticed you guys often do this thumbs to the side hand gesture in photos. Can you give us an explanation?

A: That is the baptism sign.  We start with thumbs up and then turn our thumbs to the side as if a person (our thumbs) was being baptized in the water.

Mossoró zone missionaries

Sister Dyer and Sister Do Carmo. Vai Brasil!

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