Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 6, 2014

Did you know that Sunday is the busiest and most stressful day in the life of a Brasil Natal missionary?  This Sunday Sister J. Silva and I brought three of R's sons to church (ages 11, 10 and 7).  We told them that at church they could meet with all the boys there and we could schedule a futebol game for this week. 

I think that, however, one or two of them might have thought that we were bringing them to church to play futebol, because near the end of sacrament meeting, the 7 year-old got really bored and said that he wanted to go home with his brother.  We asked him to wait a little bit until the meeting was over but by then he was walking out of the chapel. 

We followed him with one of his brothers and tried to reason with him to stay until the closing hymn and prayer were done, but all of a sudden he bolted out the door and started running.  I was with Sister Arzani at the time and we had no choice but to run after him with his brother, who told us that he didn't know if his 7 year-old brother knew his way home (the slums are pretty far away).  We followed him, running and walking at times and every time he turned around and saw us he would just run harder (I never knew 7 year-olds could run so fast!) 

We ended up running all the way to the favela (slums) with his 10 year-old brother to deliver him safely home and then walked all the way back to church (By then Gospel Principles was over and it was already time for Relief Society - well needed relief).  Uau!  What a day!

Interesting occurrence of the week:

I got pooped on by a dove.  We were walking to lunch and all of a sudden something wet fell onto my forehead.  I turned to my companions and they told me there was yellow gunk on my forehead.  I was finally able to make it to the member's house to wash my forehead. That was not the Holy Ghost descending.

Transferencias [transfers] are here.  I will be staying in my area of Abolição but my filinha adotada [adopted child] Sister J. Silva left this morning for Natal and I have adopted another bebe filinha and will be finishing the training of Sister Pereira who is from Belém do Para, which is supposedly near Recife. 

Sister Dyer

Sister Dyer and companion on Preparation day


R's Baptism

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