Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 21, 2014

Oi minha familia!

This week Sister J. Silva and I witnessed a miracle!  We have an investigator named R. that has drinking problems.  Last Sunday he came to church for the first time (and even brought his friend, whose nickname is "Pipoca"/"Popcorn" with him).  It was the first time that I saw R. sober after two weeks of visiting his house and finding him with red eyes after drinking cachaça all day.  This was a miracle in itself, but the real miracle happened during the week. 

When Sister J. Silva and I went to visit him and Pipoca during the week, everyone told us that R. never returned home after church on Sunday.  We didn't know where he went.  I won't lie, we were a bit worried (what would the people think after seeing us bring people to church and never returning them home).  But on Wednesday, Sister Arzani and I were on divisions and were walking down the street when suddenly a car stopped on the side of the road.  The man in the car called out to us in an excited voice, "Sisters!  Vocês notam uma diferencia neste homem?" ("Sisters!  Do you notice a difference in this man?"), as he pointed to the man riding shotgun in the seat next to him. 

We had no idea who he was and, thinking that they were members of the church with faces I still hadn't memorized since arriving here, we went over to meet them.  When we got to the car, we saw a miracle.  I won't lie, I did not recognize my investigator when I saw him.  He had cut his hair and shaved his beard and even taken a bath!  R. told us that he hadn't drunk or smoked since church on Sunday.

He told us that after church, he had been returning home when he saw his sister.  His sister had invited him to live with her and his brother-in-law instead of returning to a house in the slums where a bunch of drunks live together.  R. wanted to change his life and he accepted.  Now, he is preparing to be baptized this week!  Miracles are real!  They truly exist!  We witnessed one great miracle this week!


Sister Dyer

Brazilian Barbeque!

Ashley acting as witness for a wedding

Ashley cleaning a baptismal font

Jailton's baptism

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