Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 13, 2014

This week was crazy with the two futebol games.  The first game was plain torture with Germany scoring four goals in the first 10 minutes.  It was so sad to see Oscar and David Luiz crying after the game.  In his interview David Luiz, with tears streaming down his face, told Brasil that he just wanted to see his people smile and that he was so sorry for losing.  I heard that after the game, some Brazilians tried to set fire to the Brasil team bus. 

After this game people were taking down all of the beautiful World Cup decorations (flags, banners, etc.) outside.  It was kind of sad to tell you the truth.  A lot of people didn't even want to watch the second (Brasil vs. Holanda) that decided who would get third place.  I was talking with the other proud American missionaries here about how I am proud to be an American because we are very patriotic and stand by our country at all times, whether we win or lose. 

Sister J. Silva and I wanted to watch the last game, but Presidente Soares told all of the missionaries that we have to watch the games with a church leader (Bishop, counselors, etc.) and none of the leaders in our Ward had a desire to watch it (sad).  We finally called our zone leader, and he said that we could watch it anyway.  It was also a bit torturous, but we made it to the end.  I personally, think that if Neymar Jr. had not dislocated his spine in the Brasil Columbia game, we would have had a really good chance of winning.  Without him and Thiago Silva (who received a yellow card and didn't play in the Brasil Germany game, our team lost its confidence and was a mess.)  We can't be afraid to STAND ALONE as long as we're standing in HOLY PLACES!  :)

I wasn't feeling very well Saturday and Sunday.  I found that whenever I moved I felt a sharp pain in my chest.  At first I sort of brushed it off, but Sunday it was bugging me.  I twisted my ankle Sunday when we were racing off to find our investigators Sunday morning to bring them to church (in the end I couldn't walk so we had divisions and Sister J. Silva went with Sister Do Carmo to find our investigators while Sister Arzani cared for me), but the pain in my chest was bugging me more than the pain in my ankle.  After church yesterday we went to lunch and I spent most of it lying in bed on my stomach.  The Elderes finally called me and told me that I needed to call Sister Soares!  They were very persistent and called every five minutes to see if I had already called Sister Soares or not. 

I was finally able to call her and she told me that she didn't know what it was but it might be gás and I should go into the bathroom and try to "eliminate the gas" (Didn't work really well).  Elder Ferreira (district leader) and Elder Sabin (zone leader) finally told me that I needed to go to the hospital.  I was kind of stubborn and said that I would be fine but they kept insisting (to the point that both of them called me by my first name "ASHLEY DYER!!!").

They finally told me to give the phone to Sister J. Silva (my baby daughter).  She later told me that Elder Ferreira told her that she was now my senior companion and that he and Elder Sabin were putting their trust in her that she would take me to the hospital today.  Wow!  We ended up going to the hospital.  They took an ECG.  My heart was normal.  I don't really think the doctor knew what was going on but she gave me a prescription for medication.  Today I'm feeling fine, so I don't think I'll end up needing it though.  I think it might have been gas like Sister Soares said, seeing that I've been burping a lot - weird. It's never happened to me before.  I'm fine though.  Don't worry about me.

We received an amazing referral this week from a member.  Rita is the wife or the nephew of Irma Mercia and recently she has wanted to pay tithing.  However, she doesn't want to pay it to a church that has a leader that will receive all the money.  The other day Rita remembered Irma Mercia's church and asked her if she could pay tithing.  We went to Rita's house with Irma Mercia this week and spoke with her about the blessings of tithing and taught her the first lesson. 

It is really beautiful finding a child of God with such a pure intent to follow our Savior.  Often times, tithing is something that impedes many people from following the example of the Savior and being baptized, but in this special instance it was what motivated Rita to learn more about the Church.

Yesterday we were trying to mark some baptisms with our investigators over the phone and my filinha (Sister J. Silva) called one of our investigators with the intent of marking a baptism with him.  Surprisingly, someone else answered the phone.  Sister J. Silva was kind of confused but ended up talking with the stranger, named Pedro (20 years-old), she taught him about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost and asked him if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority. 

She later told him that we were missionaries from A Igreja De Jesus Cristo Dos Santos Dos Últimos Dias and asked him if we could set a goal for him to be baptized by a certain date.  He then asked us if he could be baptized this Sunday.  Wow! 

Although this man told us that he lives in another part of Mossoró (a diferente área) he told Sister J. Silva that he would come to the chapel in our area on Sunday and then the phone cut off because we ran out of battery (que droga!)

After the phone call, Sister J. Silva was looking at the telephone number of our investigator and the telephone number she had called and realized that they were different.  She had accidentally called the wrong number.  It is amazing that this man lives in Mossoró so near us. 

I have accidentally called wrong numbers before and have been able to make contacts in Salvador Bahia and other parts of Brasil, but what a miracle it was to realize what happened.  "Faz parte do plano de Deus!"  In the end, Pedro will probably be a referral to the Elders in the area in which he lives, but I think he will be one Golden investigator.

Amo vocês!!!!

Sister Dyer

Marriage of Fransisca and Uerle (Ashley Dyer in middle)

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