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December 27, 2014

Our 12 year-old investigator, T., was baptized yesterday along with his cousin J.  We met T. on the road near our house our first week in our area.  One night when we were walking home, we heard a voice call our "Sisteres!".  We turned to see where the voice was coming from and saw a boy walking toward us.  "Eu adora vocês!" ("I adore you all!"), he said, "De onde vocês são?" ("where are you all from?")  

We learned that T. was not a member of the Church but had already talked with many missionaries in the past.  We didn't speak with him a lot because he didn't live in our area, just when he stopped us on the road when we walked home at night.  But the other day the other Sisters told us that T. called the number on a pass along card and asked for the DVD "Finding Faith in Christ" and that he wanted to learn more about the Church, but that he actually lived in our area and just spent a lot of time at his Grandpa's house in the Sisters area.  They told us that we could teach him. 

After the first lesson, T. had already invited himself to be baptized. T. came to church for the first time last week.  He was so excited and telling everyone that he was already a member of the Church.  In Young Men’s class, the lesson was on missionary work and T. was answering all of the questions.  He told everyone about how the other day he and M. (a Young Woman in the Church) had gone to visit a recent convert and teach him the Plan of Salvation.  Wow!  An investigator teaching a lesson before his first visit to church. 

The Young Men’ President was really impressed and excited and pulled T. and us aside during church to give T. a Young Men’s handbook as well as "True to the Faith."  T. was so excited.  We later went with L., the Young Men’s President, and his wife to visit T. that night and when we called Presidente Soares to request permission to baptize T. this week.  Our request was granted and T. was so excited.  He and his cousin were baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday. 

Sunday night he went out with Sister Marcelino and Sister Baker to teach lessons to their investigators.  And he already told us that he cannot wait to go to the temple to help his deceased family be baptized.  He feels like it is his responsibility that God has given him to help his family gain salvation.  Talk about a golden investigator and member of the Church.

This week was a long week.  It was nice to be able to talk to my family again on Christmas, although I missed Elder Dyer's face.  It was also a bit awkward because my English is so bad now.  It was interesting watching the three other Sisters in my house talk with their families.  It seemed like after 20 minutes neither of us knew what more we should say and there were just those awkward silences, which I have mastered, seeing that they help our investigators think and feel the Spirit.  Don't know if it was appropriate in this situation though.  

Sister Dyer Skyping with her family on Christmas day

For Christmas Eve, our entire zone of 28 missionaries went to the Stake President's house and had a large feast.  Sister Francis and Sister Baker fell in love with the “Chester Chicken” and were both talking about how they wanted to marry it (yeah – I think that missionaries become strange and awkward really quick.  Sister Baker only has 5 months on her mission).  We also had a secret Santa, which was fun, seeing that only Sister Baker had already received Christmas packages.  Elder Carlos gave me a Japanese girl keychain (everyone doesn't know the difference between Japanese and Chinese here), a plastic rubber duck keychain that is a flashlight and shocks you when you press its wings, a chopstick for my hair, and a butterscotch.  I also got a skirt from Sister Marcelino, and a free back massage coupon from Sister Francis.  I think I'll use that today. lol.
FELIZ NATAL E ANO NOVO!!!  Amo vocés!!!


Sister Dyer

P.S. this is a photo of all who had stomach aches and night time toilet visits last week. but I think everyone is finally better

Brazil Natal Mission Christmas 2014

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  1. My daughter Megan (Sister Baker) is living with your daughter. She sent home a ton of pictures from this last week, many with Sister Dyer. You can find them on her blog sistermegbaker.blogspot.com I thought you might enjoy seeing them. Hope you had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed your time skyping with Sister Dyer.