Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

We had our Mission Christmas Conference this week (left Mossorõ at 2am).  It was really nice seeing everyone in the mission and watching hilarious district mission skits and receiving training. 

The night afterwards, wasn't so fun.  I woke up three times with a stomach ache to use the bathroom.  After one of these trips, I noticed that Sister Francis wasn't in bed and realized that she had probably gone to use the bathroom in Sister Marcelino and Sister Baker's room. 

When we woke up in the morning, we found out that all four Sisters in our house had diarrhea during the night.  Elder Carlos and Elder Olsen, our zone leaders, called us later and asked us how our "health" was.  At the time, I was lying on my bed with a stomach ache.  Sister Francis, not thinking, told him that we were all fine, but I quickly called out, "Não!  Todo mundo tem diarrea!" ("No! Everyone has diarrhea!")  Turns out that the Elders had diarrhea as well and after making a few more phone calls, we found out that the whole zone had stomach problems. 

We later called Sister Soares, who told us that it was not just our zone, but the whole mission.  Over 200 missionaries making night time toilet trips all night.  Vish!  Something went wrong in the food at the Christmas conference.  Sister Soares recommended that we buy some medicine, but then said that if our stomachs weren't feeling that bad, we could just try drinking Coca Cola.  É o Que?  (What?).  So...we bought some coke...I'm not the biggest coke fan, but it was inspired advice, right? 

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