Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 3, 2014

I am now back in Urick Graff.  Sister Francis and I spent the week getting used to (or reused to) our area.  I remember parts of the area but still get lost at times.  All the members remember me and are excited to have me back.  It is strange yet exciting to be back here.  It is almost as if the Lord has given me a second chance to baptize all of the investigators that weren't baptized when I was here.  Although many of the investigators I taught when I was here were baptized after I left, which is awesome!

Sister Francis is a great missionary from Virginia.  I have already learned a lot from her about teaching investigators with love and with the Spirit.  She studied for one year at BYU (prerequisite nursing) before her mission and also played Rugby for BYU (although, she says she never met Victoria, my roommate).

We have a lot of investigators and I think that aside from one or two, all of them are men (Quorum).  There's something about this area.  It's the area to baptize men.

A Sister Training Leader is more like a Sister Zone Leader, although I am a Sister Training Leader for two zones (only 8 sisters in total).  My companion Sister Francis is also a Sister Training Leader and helping me understand exactly how everything works.  We go on divisions with other Sisters and help them in their areas at times.  We also have conferences with the other leaders in our mission (zone leaders, district leaders, assistants) every week to report on our sisters/areas.  Next week Sister Francis and I will travel to Natal for a leader's counsel to receive trainings from President and Sister Soares as well as the Assistants.

I've had multiple mission conferences but never in Natal, because I am serving in the interior (Sousa, Caico, Mossoró).  They have always been in Caico with all of the other missionaries in the interior.  But we will have a Sisters' Mission Conference in a couple weeks in Natal and then we will have another one there for Christmas in December.

Please pray for J., F., E., A., and G. (all men - with baptismal dates) Obrigada!

Sister Dyer

Mangos anyone?

Sister Ashley Dyer and young friends (does the boy on the left look a little like Mr. Bean?)

Sister Ashley Dyer and missionary colleague during general conference

Sister Ashley Dyer enjoying the flowers during general conference 

District Mossoró

Elderes Doidos

Urick Graff district

Zona Mossoró

Zone members

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