Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014

This week I received a package from China during Zone Conference.  All of the missionaries wanted me to open it right then and there, so I did.  I let the Brazilian Elders try seaweed with wasabi.  They were a bit reluctant but went ahead.  I captured their faces on video.  It was hilarious.  Let's just say they didn't enjoy the experience.  

Brazilian missionary colleagues trying dried seaweed, an Asian snack, for the first time

One Elder, who was seated at the time, bent over onto his knees as if he was going to vomit and put his hand on the wall for support.  The others just made really funny faces.  lol.  The video was too big to send, but I promise I'll show y’all in 6 months.  I cannot believe that I've been out for a year now! Sister Lawrence and I are going to have a party on Thursday to celebrate our year mark.  

During the week, Sister Pereira and I were walking to visit our recent converts R. and D..  It was late and would be our last visit of the day.  As we walked, I started singing "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul".  After I finished the first verse, I looked over at my companion and she was crying.  ("Wow," I thought, "Am I really that great of a singer?")  We sat down and I asked her why she was crying.  She wouldn't answer me.  I just sat there with her and hugged her for a while.  I had no idea why she was crying and was pretty sure that it was not because of my voice.  

During companion inventory today, she told me that she had been missing home a lot recently as well as her ex-boyfriend.  I have been learning on my mission to have patience with my companions who have boyfriends waiting for them (or ex-boyfriends).

This week the other Sisters went to visit T., who is in fact a prostitute.  On their first visit after I gave her "O Livro De Mórmon" she had read up to 1 Néfi 14 and by the second visit she was up to 2 Néfi 8!  We knew she was actually reading because she had so many questions and comments about things like the Liahona and the tree in Lehi's dream.  She sincerely showed interest and had a baptism marked for September 20th.  Her Mother is Jehovah's Witness but supposedly let her choose what religion she wanted to follow (She hasn't exactly done that great of a job in the past, seeing that she is working as a prostitute now to pay off a debt).  

The other day I went with Sister Perreira to teach her and we sang the hymn "O Meu Pai" ("Oh My Father").  It was a very spiritual lesson...OK...prepare for bad news...Yesterday Sister Pereira went with Sister Arzani to teach T. and they basically found out that all of her interest in the church as well as the interest of the man who "in charge" of her, was a scam to get money.  It was really sad when we found out, but I know that we planted a seed and hope that she will remember all that she read, continue to read, and will one day have the faith to follow the example of her Savior and repent and be baptized and leave all of her past transgressions behind in the waters of baptism.

We watched the film "The Restoration" with two of our investigators, C. and L. (L. is R.’s sister) this week.  After the film, C. started relating to us his past experiences with religion and started to cry.  He said that he had found out that the church he was attending now was not true when a Pastor from São Paolo came to his church the other day and started professing things (receiving revelation) for many people.  He told C. that he was a truck driver and that he had an ulcer in his stomach that would get worse if he didn't repent and "donate" money to the pastor who had come from so far to help him.  (C. is NOT a truck driver and, as far as we know, he does NOT have a stomach ulcer). The pastor asked for money from everyone afterwards, and people gave him money as a way "to repent and be saved".

C. was reading in "O Livro De Mórmon" the other day.  He randomly opened the book and came to a chapter that had a brief description at the beginning about churches in the latter-days that would have false prophets.  This scripture was an answer to C.’s prayers.  He told us that he truly wanted to find truth and would definitely read "O Livro De Mórmon" and come to church on Sunday.  

He and L. were at church yesterday and we sat with them in the front row.  It was a really spiritual experience, especially seeing that it was Fast and Testimony meeting.  I felt prompted to get up and bear my testimony of the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ and how I am so grateful for the knowledge that families can be together forever.  Mom, Dad, Elder Dyer, and Karin, I love each and every one of you so much for so many different reasons.  You have been shining examples to me my whole life and I have learned so much from you.  I know that our Father in Heaven put us together on this earth for a purpose and each day my testimony of the purpose grows stronger and stronger.

Have an Awesome Week!

Com Amor,

Sister Dyer

Sister Pereira (left) and Sister Dyer (right) at friend's birthday party

GOT BOLO?!?!  I've never heard of the TV show Peppa (about a little pig) before, but it's really popular here.

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