Thursday, September 4, 2014

September 1, 2014

I finally started feeling better this week.  Monday I went to the hospital with Sister Lawrence.  The nurses gave me a bunch of "Soro" (I think it's just nutrition mixed with water they give you via injection). They had 5 bags prepared, but they didn't get the needle in very well (my veins are really small and hard to see) so it was hurting like crazy.  They finally gave me an injection in the other arm, but that didn't do it either and, after 2 and a half bags of "soro" and another bad injection, I finally told them that I was "good" and didn't want anymore. 

I was really drugged up all afternoon.  I'm not sure if you heard about the email I sent to Kari last week, but it implied that I thought she was 13 years-old.  I realized afterwards what I had said and felt horrible but I was still drugged up. I felt like I had so much to do but couldn't do anything.  After writing emails, we went home and I finally asked Sister Arzani to teach me Ju Jitsu and so we spent 20 minutes rolling around on the floor of Sister Pereira and my bedroom wrestling (Ju Jitsu is pretty cool to tell you the truth), and then afterwards I asked her to play chess with me.  I received a total of three priesthood blessings last week for different reasons, which is probably why I'm feeling so much better this week!

This week, E., L. and O.’s son (L. was baptized two weeks ago), was baptized!  It was a really awesome baptism.  E. was really excited and all of the youth in seminary participated to make it special by singing "Aonde Mandares Irei" ("I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go").

Saturday, during "Resgate" (a time set apart every week for church members to visit less actives), I went with Irma Lourdes to visit some less actives.  While we were out walking, we stopped next to a less active's house after our visit.  A man and a woman were seated outside nearby and began to talk with us.  I explained that we were members of "A Igreja De Jesus Cristo Dos Santos Dos Ultimos Dias". 

The woman seemed really curious as she asked me to explain "O Livro De Mórmon" to her.  She asked me why bad things happen to good people and what happens after death.  I shared with her the story of Alma and Amulek in Alma 14, and explained to her that God has a purpose in all things and that as long as we follow the example of our Savior, we will be able to learn new things through our trials and one day inherit eternal life.  I asked the woman if she would read "O Livro De Mórmon" if we gave a copy to her, to which she asked if she would need to pay.  Irma Lourdes laughed and told her that it was a present.  She told us that she would definitely read it. 

The woman told us that she was from Fortleza and was just visiting Mossoró.  She had been here for three months, but had also lived in Germany for a while.  She was really surprised when I spoke some German to her (thanks to Dad, who taught me "bitte schoen", "danke schoen", "guten morgen", "guten tag", etc.). When we were done, I asked the woman and man if we could say a prayer with them.  I prayed, and when I was done, the woman was in tears.  She told me that we could definitely come back. 

Seeing that the man and woman lived in Sister Arzani and Sister Lawrence's area, I gave them the address and explained that the house was located right next to a bar/cabaret.  When Sister Lawrence and Sister Arzani came home yesterday, they told me that they had gone to visit the man and woman, and that they house was not located NEXT to the cabaret.  It WAS the cabaret.  The man was the owner and the woman (who was not there when they went to visit) was most likely a prostitute.  

They told me that they had talked to the man, who had told them that he had owned this cabaret for 40 years, but that he wanted to sell it and change his life.  He told them that the woman I had taught yesterday had been reading "O Livro De Mórmon" a lot since I gave her the book the day before.  Before Sister Arzani and Sister Lawrence left, they said a prayer with the man.  When they were done and opened their eyes, the man's face was covered with tears. 

I can't believe it's September already! Yikes!  I'm going to hit my one year mark this month!

Love y’all so much!  Have an awesome week!

Sister Dyer

E. to be baptized by his father

E.'s baptism

E.'s baptism

Sister P. com uma barboleta

Sister P., Jesus Cristo, and Sister Dyer (with hip new glasses)

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