Friday, May 30, 2014

May 14, 2014

FELIZ DIA DAS MÃES!!!  It was so nice to talk with minha familia [my family] Monday. I am so glad that Heavenly Father blessed me with the opportunity to see and talk with all of you!  I miss y’all a bunch, but I must admit that the "saudade" I feel for you (deep yearning love when you miss someone) is lost when I'm caught up in the work of the Lord because I know that we can be together forever someday and that I will see you again; whereas the people we are teaching do not understand this. 

I found out yesterday that I will be transferred to Mossoro in the Costa Silva Zone, the hottest area in our mission aside from Patos maybe, which doesn't have sisters. Zona Mossoro was divided into two zones this transfer. I will be leaving the city of Sousa and all the people I have grown to love so much later today.  It will be really hard to say goodbye, but I sort of knew that I would be leaving when Sister Adriane, who I have grown to love so much in the 3 weeks we have been companions, asked Heavenly Father if I would be leaving and then opened The Book of Mormon multiple times to read the first words she looked at.  Each time she did this (3 or 4 times), the verse/words she read indicated I would be leaving, especially the last time, when she opened up to the index of The Book of Mormon and read "E Lei saiu Jerusalém" (And Lehi left Jerusalem). 

I have grown to love Sister Adriane so much.  She told me the other day that she had wanted to be my companion ever since my name popped up online when I entered the MTC in September and everyone started talking about a Chinese missionary coming to Brazil.  Well, her wish came true but only for 3 weeks (sniffle, sniffle).  When we found out that I would be transferred yesterday, she ran to me, hugged me, and started sobbing.  I said, "Woman!  What's the matter?" (In Brazil, it is normal to call girls "mulher" or "woman" and Sister Adriane likes speaking English with me and always calls me "Woman".  She also doesn't like to say "Oh my gosh!" or "Oh my goodness!" in English and her substitution is "Oh my soul!") Sister Adriane said, "You are going to be transferred and I don't want you to leave woman!" 

I am going to miss Sister Adriane so much. [She is the companion who]… has the most unique laugh of anyone I have ever met in my life (I have compared it to the sounds of a donkey, a horse, a pig, a monkey, a bird, a sea lion, and many other animals), who loves Punch Buggy ("fusca azul!"), who taught me that I should never have Bible Hair (a straight part in my hair) - it will be really hard for me to overcome this obstacle, who taught me how to eat dried raw noodles (interesting experience), and who has brought the Spirit into so many of our lessons!  I love her so much and will miss her a bunch. 

My new companion will be Sister Olla, from Texas.  Just like I did before I became companions with Sister Adriane, I have promised I will love my new companion with all of my heart!  Mossoro is a five and a half hour bus ride from here.  I will leave Sousa at 12:30 with Elder Moore, Elder Santin, and Sister Simplicio for a new part of my mission.

Sister Adriane and were feeling kind of like goleiras (goalies - people who are holding people back from being baptized by not pressuring them to make commitments, etc.) the other week.  Baptisms happen so quickly here.  It is not surprising to see people being baptized two weeks after they first meet the missionaries.  But it is also hard for me to comprehend, because in the States it is very different. 

The other day, Sister Adriane was praying and afterwards opened up her scriptures and flipped to Alma 60:21-23. She felt it was a direct answer to her prayer and helped her understand that we cannot be goleiras.  We need to put all our hearts into helping people come unto Christ because there are thousands of people out there waiting to hear about the restored gospel of Christ and waiting to ether the waters of baptism. 

I hope that you too will remember your baptismal covenant and not wait to share your testimony of the restored gospel with others.  Invite others to come to church or church activities; invite them to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true; share with them your testimony that families can be together forever.  If you have seen the blessings of the gospel in your life, don't wait to share it with others. It is something that we all promised we would do before we came to this earth. What are you waiting for?

Love y’all!

Sister Dyer

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