Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving (2013/12/2)

We had a fun Thanksgiving week.  We had a District Turkey Bowl at the church Thursday morning.  I've never played American football before today, but it was fairly fun.  The Elders got really into it and it was amusing listening to Elder Bishop come up with game plans for each of our plays (some of them actually worked). 

We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Bohlings for lunch.  The food was really yummy (the turkey was not fried).  Then we spent the afternoon sharing Thanksgiving messages with member families.  I shared with them how grateful I was to have the opportunity to share the Gospel with the people here, a privilege that was limited when I lived in China.  We exhorted the members to take advantage of the opportunity to share the blessings of the Gospel with others and do as Elder Ballard challenged at General Conference and bring someone to church before Christmas.  We have faith that, with the help of the members in our ward, we can make this Christmas white.

Since I've been out in the field, I've gained an appreciation for those individuals who are straightforward and honest with us when they are not interested in our message, as has Sister Culp.  Playing hide-and-seek tag with people who say we can meet with them later in the week can get frustrating.  This week Sister Culp stated that when she gets back to BYU, she is going to be open and honest and frank with all the boys that ask her out.  IF she's not interested, she will tell them up front and never make them go through what we're going through right now - growing hope that ends suddenly with a broken heart.  Been there!  Felt that!  No thank you!  This will be Sister Culp's reply to those boys who she is not interest in:  "Sorry.  I'm not interested.  I'm already saved (for someone else), but I appreciate what you're doing.  Now go find someone who isn't saved yet!"

We had a good planning session this week.  Sister Fowler and Sister Culp and I decided that we all need to be more positive.  We came up with a code word to use.  When anyone is not being positive we will say "Hippopotamus!" and call them off in a fun and friendly way.  No feelings hurt. 

We had a couple good lessons this week.  We went to see Wayne Thursday night.  He told us that he wasn't "prepared" for us, seeing that he hadn't looked at all of the stuff (mostly negative) that he had been researching about the Church online in a while (thank goodness).  We told him that rather than relying on the words of men to decide if the true Church of Christ has been restored, he needs to rely on the Word of God.  He hasn't been reading the Book of Mormon and has instead focused all of his attention on searching for sites online about eh Church, including multiple websites written by "ex-Mormon leaders."  This has just caused him to have so much confusion and doubt that has overwhelmed all of his faith.  Remember: "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith!" 

We gave him a 21-day Book of Mormon challenge that includes chapters from the Book of Mormon to read every day.  We asked him to both start and end his studies with prayer, and he promised us he would not search online for anything about the Church, whether good or bad, in the next 21 days.  He said the closing prayer, after much persuasion and asked God to help him know if the things we taught him were true.  He has faith and a sincere heart.  He now just needs real intent or the intention to change and be baptized when he receives and answer to his prayers.  We fasted for him on Sunday and are praying for him also.  I ask that you pray for him too.  He is a wonderful man who is sincerely seeking truth.

Se Amo muito e quero ouvir de voces proxima semana por favor!

Sister Dyer

Tennessee Countryside (we were looking for a referral who lived here)
Thanksgiving at the Bohlings

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