Sunday, December 22, 2013


Oi Familia,

Obrigada por os emails e as pinturas esta semana.  Ultima p-dia eu jugei futibol americano com meu distrito e um outro distrito em nosso zono.  Eu nao estou um bon jogadora apesar de eu estou vestindo minha camisa de "Michigan" mas eu definamente obtei algumo bon exercicio.  (Of course I didn't use Google translate.  I can't go to any websites not associated with the Church, which includes Google :)  )

This week I realized how amazing The Book of Mormon truly is.  I decided to do the 21-day Book of Mormon challenge that we gave to Wayne, which includes reading some specific scriptures from The Book of Mormon each day and praying both before and after scripture study.  As I have spent 20-30 minutes each day for the last week deeply studying one to three chapters a day of this sacred book and praying both before and after studying and asking heavenly Father to help me receive further confirmation of its truth, my testimony of the Gospel has already grown so much stronger. 

The Book of Mormon is a sacred and precious book given to us by God that we can hold in our hands, read and study in our minds, and ponder in our hearts.  God has given us this amazing gift.  When given the opportunity and privilege to have and read it, you would think more people would jump at the opportunity, yet most cast it aside as nothing or even something of the devil; and those who do accept a copy and commit to read it and pray to know of its truthfulness often say, when we ask if they  have kept their commitments, that they have been too busy to read it or have forgotten to read it.  Are we really too busy for God?  Can we really forget Him when he has blessed us with another testament of Christ that we can read freely?

The other day during companion study, Sister Fowler told Sister Culp and me of two Elders (She could not remember where they were serving).  She told us of an experience they had one day while speaking with a man in his home about The Book of Mormon.  When the Elders told the man that The Book of Mormon was another testament of Jesus Christ that contained sacred scripture recorded by the prophets of the ancient Americas, they were shocked when the man suddenly got up and left the room.  They sat there for a while not knowing what to do.  When the man finally returned, he told them he had gone to wash his hands.  When they asked him why, he told them that in his culture "We always washed our hands before we touch something sacred."  The Book of Mormon truly is a sacred book given to us by God.  I hope that we can all recognize this and not overlook or mistreat this sacred gift. 

Although I still have my MI accent (It's been pointed out to me so many times that I have finally accepted it), I have begun to pick up on the word "y’all".  Here people pronounce things way differently with their Southern accents.  Ex. Shelbyville is pronounced "Shervel" and Murfreesboro is pronounced "mursburo". 

We got a few new investigators this week.  Don't have time to tell you about them.  But my companions and I are super excited to teach them!

I miss y’all a bunch!


Sister Dyer

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