Monday, November 4, 2013

Do's & Don'ts of the Provo MTC


1. Take pictures in front of the big map pointing to your mission and of you and your companions in front of the Samuel Smith statue.


2. Smell the cream soda tree.

3. Join the choir
4. Watch Elder David A. Bednar's devotional "Character of Christ"
5. Speak your Language (SYL)
6. Keep Golden Hour
7. Get a small, laminated copy of your Patriarchal blessing, a verb card (if you're learning a different language), a badge reel for your MTC ID card, and a camera card reader (you can buy all of these things at the MTC bookstore on the first or second floor)
8. Enjoy your time at the temple every P-Day and make sure to participate in different temple ordinances.

 9. Set District goals from the beginning and share happy and grateful moments every night.
11. Love your companion(s) and District members as family and make sure you perform a musical number together during your last Sacrament meeting at the MTC.
12. Create a District Quote Book of funny and memorable things said by members of your district and have each member of your District write their email address, their mission scripture, and a little note for you in a book you pass around before you leave for the field. (example quotes: 1) "O Salvador!  It sounds like a wrestling champion's name...but it really means the Savior..."  2) "The one person I would not want to play dodgeball with is Samuel." (think Book of Mormon prophet)  3) Jesus sweat "gatos de sangue" (cats of blood) em o jardim Getsemani  (should have said "garfos de sangue" - "drops of blood")  4) "So if 'te' in 'teamo' refers to an indirect object, does that mean 'I love you indirectly'?" 


1. Compare yourself to others

2. Waste computer time reading emails when you can print them out on the 3rd floor of 18M and read them beforehand while doing laundry.
3. Pay any attention to the rumors floating around about bad MTC cafeteria food.  Just pick and choose wisely and use gym time to its fullest.
4. Follow the example of the Elders who drink as much apple and orange juice as psosible just to see what happens.
5. Be afraid to try new sports or forms of exercise during gymn time.
6. Forget your yellow fever card (if you get the yellow fever vaccination, they will give you a yellow card at the clinic you get it at and you will need it to enter the country you are going to) or hesitate to go to the health center if you start getting sick (it's free)
7. Be afraid to ask for a Priesthood blessing
8. Underestimate the free bins.
9. Miss the opportunity to get cheap clothing alterations.
10. Forget to prepare a talk every Sunday.
11. Forget to make Thank You Cards for your "professors"

12. Be dismayed if you get reassigned because you don't receive your "Happy Travel Card".  Heavenly Father knows you personally as well as all of those He is preparing for you to meet.  You should feel honored that He needs you to touch the lives of His children in two different missions.

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  1. Awesome, practical advice! Our thinking creates our reality, so aspire higher and keep positive as well as obey the commandments and you'll have peace and happiness throughout your life. We are going on a couple mission I can't wait! We get to go to the MTC for like four days;) what is the deal with the orange juice? I still don't get that :-) hello