Monday, November 4, 2013

2013/11/4 Questions and answers [Ashley’s responses to her dad’s list of questions]

1. Where are you? I'm currently serving in the Christiana area. 
2. Did you visit the mission home and meet the mission president? Of course I've visited the mission home and met the mission president.
3. What did you mean about Book of Mormon bar codes working as Kroger cards? They scan the Book of Mormon bar code and it beeps (that's all I know).
4. Did the furry feline companion that followed you around guide you to an inactive member or investigator that you were looking for? Furry feline friends were in the neighborhood we tracted where we did find our first investigator, but I'm not sure that they actually lead us there.
5. Have you used Ceasar’s dog whisperer “tsi!” method to get the numerous dogs to recognize you as their pack leader and not bite you as you walk around? Haven't used the "tsi!" method, but I'm pretty good at staying calm around them and ignoring them to show them who's boss.
6. Do you have a car and drive around? [no answer yet]
7. Do you have meals at member’s homes or at restaurants or fix them yourselves? Members are good at providing meals for dinner, but we eat at home too.
8. What is your apartment like? Our apartment is nice.  We even have a washer and dryer.
9. How cold is it and do you have enough warm clothes? It's getting chilly, but I'm staying strong. 
10. Is it hard to understand the local “dialect”? Still getting used to the Southern accent.
11.  Have you continued to study Portuguese every day and kept up with it? I study Portuguese once in a while, but I don't have time to study everyday (I pray in Portuguese all the time though)
12. Are there people to whom you have to use your Spanish? I'm teaching Portuguese to one of the Brothers in the Spanish ward.  I can understand him and he can understand me and that's what counts right?
13. Can you send any photos? Don't have a whole bunch of photos here yet. 
14. Are you able to use the internet for your work (like they talked about in the “Hastening the Work of Salvation” conference broadcast)? No internet for work for me, but we do have Facebook missionaries here.

More interesting facts:

Some people here have told me I have a Canadian accent

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