Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Opa!  Presidente Soares changed P-Day to Monday transfers week on my last P-Day in the field, so here I am.

This week was absolutely wonderful!  On Saturday we had a wedding and the largest baptismal meeting that I've seen in the mission field, with 7 baptisms - 3 of them were Sister Lopes and my investigators - Rainá, Lucas, and Jonaton and 4 were Sister Marcelino's and Sister Ventura's - Elias, Janicleide, Elias Filho, and Janderson. 

At the largest baptism of Sister Dyer's mission

Baptism group

It was truly the happiest meeting I've ever been to.  There weren't enough chairs for all of the people, and literally there wasn't enough space for everyone to actually enter the room and watch the baptism taking place.  Most of us were just standing outside of the two doors looking in and trying to get a good look.  Just seeing all of the people in the room filled my heart with joy. 

Groom and bride


Wedding audience

Bride with Sister Dyer 

Bride with Sister Lopes
It will be really hard for me to say goodbye to all of the wonderful Brasileiros I have come to love here on my mission, but I am trying to adjust to the fact that my full-time mission is coming to an end and that my Heavenly Father has another mission prepared for me.  

I took what will probably be my last bath in rainwater today.  It was awesome.  The water was up to our ankles, so I'm literally sitting here at the internet café soaked from head to toe.  All of us had to switch our cushioned chairs to plastic ones out of respect for the people after us.

Sister Lopes and Sister Dyer in rainwater bath

Sister Lopes has been trying so hard to make Sister Marcelino and me trunky this transfer, especially this week, but it just hasn't worked for some reason.  I think she actually made herself super trunky, seeing that she told me that she never wants to "matar uma companheira" again (translation: be companions with a missionary who is preparing to head home).

Sister Lopes with her returning home companion - Sister Dyer

Love y’all and tal vez will see you soon!

Sister Dyer

P.S. So, next week my e-mail will be Vish!  Que Estranho!

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