Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015

It's official.  I will be serving my last transfer in Mossoró.  I think they should switch the name of my mission to Missão Mossoró because it's the only other city I've served in aside from Sousa here in Brazil.  I will be here for a total of over 9 months by the time my mission comes to an end.  That's half of my mission.  The other half I spent in Murfreesboro, TN; Jamestown, TN; and Sousa, Paraiba. 

Sister Francis is going home this week.  She was getting really trunky by the end of the transfer, which didn't help me all that much.  And Sister M. Baker will be leaving Urick Graff as well.  I will be serving here with Sister Lopez, who has about 7 months and I think is brasileira (which means that I am going to be the only Sister Training Leader in our zone.  YIKES!) and Sister Marcelino (who will be dying with me in March) will be training a verdinha (greenie). 

I think it will help both of us to have a greenie in our house to give us some greenie power. (I think she will be an Americana, so we are going to have to help her brush up on her Portuguese.) :)

This week was a good week.  A couple of weeks ago we found a member's uncle drinking on the side of the road with a bunch of other drunkards.  When we introduced ourselves, he told us that he was S.’s uncle.  We just invited all of these men to quit drinking for a few days and see how it was.  (I won't lie, it was just something we did without much hope). 

Surprisingly, A. actually stopped drinking and, after we went to check up on him at his house, he showed up at church on Sunday.  He hasn't drunk for two weeks now and is feeling really good.  He showed up at two family home evenings - one at his neice's house and one at the Bishop's house on Monday and has agreed to be baptized this Sunday. 

Sister Francis was sad that she won't be there, but Alexandre told her that he would send her photos of his baptism (this was actually before we even invited him to be baptized - what an amazing conversation starter!)  I think it's safe to say we found a golden investigator.  I will definitely send Sister Francis photos next P-Day.  :)

Elder Dyer!  Parabéns!!! (Congratulations!!!)  I was so excited for your first baptism! And I loved the photos.  There are a bunch of children of God being prepared for you right now.  Keep up the good work and you will have the opportunity to help many more children of God enter the waters of baptism.  I have one more transfer left - vish!  But I will have a fairly new companion and a greenie in the house, which I hope will keep me untrunky.  How was it killing your Dad?  Did your greenie power help him? 

Love yall!

Sister Dyer



Tchao Sister Francis!

Another baptism

Another baptism

Pure joy!

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