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October 13, 2014

This week I had a division with Sister Olla.  It was great being with my old companion again.  Sister Pereira went to Urick Graff (my beloved old area) and learned a bunch of new things.  We have a lot of potential baptisms these next two weeks, but none of them are really firm.  Our potential baptism for yesterday fell through.  Sister Olla and I went to teach M. (60 years-old) with a member (her neighbor) Friday. She just kept saying that she was Catholic and had already been baptized. 

Finally her neighbor J., a 19 year-old boy who is preparing to leave on a mission, got kind of fed up and asked me if he could have my photo of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist. I handed the photo to him, and he said really clearly and simply.  Jesus Christ was baptized like this in water and he bent the photo backwards as if immersing him in water.  "Have you already been baptized like this?"  M. responded that she had not.  "This is our invitation," J. said really slowly and simply.  "Will you be baptized like Christ was?"  She then responded that she would.  We were so excited. 

On Saturday, we returned and asked M. if she was excited for her baptism.  She then responded that she would not be baptized, that she had already been baptized, that she would never leave the Catholic Church because her mother had told her before she died that she should never leave.  When we tried speaking with her more about the importance of being baptized like the Savior was, she paid absolutely no attention and kept changing the subject.  Her friend didn't help at all.  

Conversation with Sister Olla after the lesson (in English):
Sister Dyer: It was liked they stuffed their ears with cotton balls.
Sister Olla: And covered their eyes with...I don't know
Sister Dyer: Twigs!
Sister Olla: Yeah!

*I noticed that I only speak English when I'm angry, stressed, or burned out (Sister Olla as well). lol.  It's going to be weird talking with y’all at Christmas
Favorite parts of General Conference:
Elder Alonzo (Funny because our AP's name is Elder Alonzo):

1. take responsibility for your own spiritual well-being
2. take responsibility for your own physical well-bing 
3. embrace voluntary whole-hearted obedience (no selective obedience)
4. become really really good at repenting thoroughly and quickly (joyful repentance)
5. become really really good at forgiving
6. accept trials, set-backs, and challenges (acknowledge and face your weaknesses but don't dwell on them)

Elder Godoy:
A: Tem dois homems em frente de você.  Um é o filho de alguém muito importante, e o outro é o filho de alguém muito importante também.
Elder Godoy: E eu sou um filho de Deus!

A: There are two men ahead of you.  One is the son of someone really important, and the other is the son of someone really important as well.
Elder Godoy: And I am a son of God

*Never forget who you are and your divine nature.  We are all children of a loving Heavenly Father and when we remember this we become more confident and stronger in all that we think and do. :)


More tatus!

Feliz Aniversário Sister Pereira!

General Conference - Sister Pereira and Sister Dyer

General Conference

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