Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 30, 2014

I spent this week with my "filinha adotado"  Sister J. Silva serving in my new area of Abolicão I.  She is orignially from Ciará but now lives in São Poalo.  ("Adopted baby daughter" means that she's a greenie that spent her first transfer being trained by her first Mainha and I adopted her to finish her training her second transfer, seeing that training lasts for 12 weeks or two transfers.)

This week, we watched Brazil's game with Chile at a member's house.  It was the most intense soccer game I have ever watched.  People were screaming until the end.  At one point Sister J. Silva started feeling sick because she was so scared that Brazil wouldn't make it. (One of the members even started crying.  Que Drama!)  But, in the end, we won!!!  Thanks to Juliu Cesar (Brazil's goalie)!  The game was all his.  Woo!  Woo!  Brasil!!!  Sister J. Silva says that if Brasil doesn't win the next game or the World Cup to make it simple, there will be a World War III because there is already so much protesting going on.  I haven't seen any in the mission field, but Sister J. Silva is from São Paolo, so she has seen some.

This week was also Festa Junina.  A holiday that is pretty much dedicated to farmer's and corn and includes dancing the quadrilha. We went to the stake party and ward party and ate corn, corn cake, corn.... corn.... corn.....  Sister Do Carmo did all of our hair in braids and we were supposed to wear plaid (I think that's the design that farmer's wear), but I didn't have any plaid clothes.

It's so hard to imagine that my birthday is this week.  Ave Maria!!!  I'm going to be 21 year- old.  Minha Nossa!!!  And we have little baby 18 year-old Elders here.  Eu sou velho!

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