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June 23, 2014

This week, Sister Olla and I finally watched Brazil's second game in the World Cup against Mexico (or at least the second half).  I went in prepared to root for Brazil, but during the game I found myself feeling scared whenever Brazil was close to getting a goal, so unintentionally I think I was rooting for Mexico in my head.  Weird, eh? 

Sister Olla was kind of rooting for Mexico too, seeing that she is from El Salvador, in Central America.  The game ended in a zero to zero tie.  I have to tell you, Mexico has one awesome goleiro (goalie) and defense.  Most of the game was played on their side of the field, but their goalie was really working it up and saved all the goals shot on them.

In Brazil, we call all of the people who are standing in the way of others being baptized "goleiros" (I'm guilty of feeling like one myself), so I told Sister Olla, "Espero que nos nunca vemos um goleiro como o goleiro de Mexico durante nossa missâo!" (I really hope that we don't come across any golerios like Mexico's goalie during our mission!") .

I was also thinking this week about the difference between the strengths and weaknesses we saw in Brazil and Mexico's teams.  Brazil had a really strong offense, whereas Mexico had a really strong defense.  And for some reason, I was pondering about what is most important in our lives, our defensive skills or our offensive skills.  I asked Sister Olla and we both agreed that first we need a good defense against the adversary and the bad things of the world so we can keep the commandments of God (ex. The Word of Wisdom, The Law of Chastity, etc.). Then we can move forward and work on our offensive skills as we continue to endure to the end.

We had one miracle baptism this week - the baptism of Nataniel, one of "os homems" who went to church with Lazaro the first time Lazaro's mother let him go. Last week, we spoke with our ward mission leader, a recent return missionary about Fransisco, one of "os homems" that we believed was prepared for baptism.  He then asked us if we wanted to see a miracle.  We all agreed.  He told us to fast and pray that Fransisco would be baptized. 

On Friday, we went to his house with our ward mission leader and read parts from 3 Nephi 11 (Nataniel was there too).  Our Ward Mission Leader asked Fransisco and Nataniel what they would ask for if the Savior was here and they both said that they would ask for salvation.  He then demonstrated that the first words the people said when the Savior appeared to them were "Hosanna!  Hosanna!", which comes from the word "to save" ("Save us!  Save us!").  Christ's response to their plea was clear and simple. The first thing Christ did when he came to the America's was give Nephi the power to baptize and teach him how to do it properly.

We explained to Nataniel and Fransisco that baptism was the first step in their path to salvation.  This touched the hearts of both of them. Nataniel was baptized directly after his interview Saturday Night.  Fransisco was working that night and was not able to be interviewed, but he is preparing to be baptized next Sunday. It was a very spiritual experience.

Brazilian Mission Tradition for Sisters is that at 9 months you take pictures of yourself "pregnant".  I helped Sister Acosta do this at her 9 months. (We used my small purple pillow for her bahiga (stomach).  Well, I reached 9 months on June 11th.  Scary, eh?   So, last P-Day, Sister Olla and I took our photo shoot (Sister Olla has 10 months,but never took her 9 months pregnant photos). It was really hard not to laugh.  It's so hard for me to accept that half of my mission is over already.  There are so many times when I wish I was an Elder just so I could have two years to serve the Lord full-time, but the Lord's ways are higher than my ways.

Just found out that my comp, Sister Olla, is going to be a Mainha (trainer) and I will be transferred again after only one transfer here.  Aonde mandares irei O Senhor.

Q: Jacob wants to know how you do your laundry. Do you have a washing machine in your apartment? Do you have a dryer or hang your clothes to dry?

A: we have a washing machine, but we hang out our clothes to dry on lines we have inside the house.

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