Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21, 2014

Sister Acosta just found out that she will be training in the mid-transfer transfer to train an incoming Americana.  Maybe she'll train Sister Young, because she will be arriving today!  I will miss my Mainha A LOT!  But we'll see what the Lord's plan is for Sousa.  I already committed to love my new companion with all my heart.

This week I was thinking a lot about missionaries, specifically Sister missionaries.  As reported in General Conference there are currently 405 missions and 82,000 full-time missionaries!!!  And many more have been called to serve or will be called to serve in the near future (Yay Angela, Jacob, and Mauricio!!!) 

When I first arrived here, Sister Acosta gave me a small piece of paper with a quote by President Hickley:

"Hoje muitas irmãs estão sendo chamadas a servir.  Muitas mais estão se preparando para servir.  Não porque elas não são casadas ou não tem mais nada para fazer, mas tem o desejo de servir.  Um dos motivos que o senhor quer mais irmãs para servir é porque na próxima geração Ele enviará seu exercito do sacerdócio para a terra.  Ele quer enviar filhos espirituais escolhidos para as mães que tenham sido preparadas, devidamente treinadas, e ensinadas no evangelho.  O que melhor escolaridade poder ter uma mãe do que a experiência e crescimento que ela ganhe por meio de cumprir uma missão."

My translation:

Today many sisters are being called to serve.  Many more are preparing to serve.  Not because they are not married or do not have anything else to do, but because they have a desire to serve.  One of the reasons that the Lord wants more sisters to serve is because in the next generation He will send His Priesthood army to the earth.  He wants to send chosen, spiritual children to mothers that have been prepared, been trained, and been taught the gospel. What better training and power does a mother have who has gained the experience and growth that is gained through serving a full-time mission.

(This is my best translation.  I couldn't find the quote online.  Maybe you can find it.)

How amazing it is to read this quote today as we have seen the Lord's army grow so large and strong upon the earth. I can testify that the words of our beloved prophet President Hinckley could never be truer.  I know firsthand that as Marjorie Hinckley once said, everything I am doing right now, is preparing me for something else.  I know that my mission is preparing me for my future.  

As I focus on helping others come unto Christ by sharing with them my testimony of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, I myself am growing closer to the Lord; I am changing for the better; I am being refined, so that one day I can be a worthy mother (prepared, trained, and taught) who the Lord can trust to care for and raise some of His chosen, spiritual children. On my mission, I visit and speak with hundreds of people every month. As I meet, teach, and serve people and families who have chosen or not chosen to receive the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, I myself am gaining a better vision of the kind of family I myself want to create and raise someday. 

Com amor,

Sister Dyer

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